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Can we recognize the true Gospel of God from a counterfeit?

You think it would be easy to know a true teacher of the Word of God, from a false one. Or that it would be simple to recognize the genuine Gospel of Christ, from a counterfeit.  It is, if we know what to look for. Satan however is cleaver, and out to deceive both those …

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Think on these things.

I was mowing the lawn this morning, and some negative thoughts came into my mind. It is easy to take a  negative thought, and before you know it, one thought leads to another, and your in a bad place. Then I remembered the scripture, Philippians 4;8 ” Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things …

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Jesus I know, and Paul I know,but who are You?

  It is vitally important to know who we are in Christ.  If a person were locked in a jail cell for years, and someone came and unlocked the cell door for them, and they did not believe that the door was unlocked, the freedom that they had obtained would be of no effect. It …

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