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Entering the Kingdom of God.

We need to enter the Kingdom of God, to walk in the power of God. But how can we enter God’s Kingdom here on earth?  One might think long hours of meditation and prayer might be the path to follow. Many eastern religions would certainly say that meditation is a path to higher enlightenment. Is …

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We have all seen the bumper sticker or logo that features all the religions of the world, and spells out the word, coexist.  This sounds like a wonderful, utopian idea. If only all the religions of the world could emphasize their similarities, and stop focusing on their differences, perhaps we could have peace and security. …

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Alien contact, UFO’s and God.

In response to the question, ” How many people have reported seeing a UFO.”  Wikianswers estimates the number to be 100,000,000 worldwide as of 2010. The History channel is full of programing, devoted to the UFO phenomenon.  In a Discovery Channel documentary, Stephen Hawking had this to say about alien life. “If aliens visit us, …

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