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How do we see God?

                How should we view God? Does it make any difference how we see or perceive him? I certainly think it does. If we think we know who God is, yet do not understand his true character, then we may find we are worshiping a false god, and …

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Why did God respect Abel’s offering and not Cain’s?

The Bible says God had respect to Abel’s offering of the firstling of his flock, but had not respect to the offering of Cain when he offered the fruit of the ground.  Why would God make such a distinction? It might appear as if God is not just, and arbitrarily chooses to have respect or …

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Living without fear or worry.

The greatest gift the believer in Jesus Christ receives is the gift of the Holy Spirit and of eternal life.  But many other wonderful gifts are given without merit or charge to those who receive Jesus as their Lord and Saviour.  The curse of worrying has caused innumerable heartache to all those that are plagued by …

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